Friday, 25 September 2015

How to get iridescent hair

I'd probably describe my hair as kind of a disaster most of the time. It took me a long time to get it to the white blonde that it is now, a terrible tale of hardship and split ends that I've told here. My goal was to be able to have a base where I could add pastel colours, which tend to be less fuss than harsh primary colours such as red and blue.
iridescent hair
As I'm sure you know, I'm something of a fan of holographic and iridescent objects, sort of like a hipster magpie (do NOT leave any luminous, colour changing artefacts around me). Though I've always been told that a successful hair dye session results in your hair being all the same colour, I've actually found that I quite like the slightly messy, varying colours look.

Iridescent hair 2
iridescent hair 3
I've found that if I combine both of my colour shampoos, it gives my hair an interesting effect, one that makes the colour slightly change at different angles. You can see here that I have white, silver, pink and purple in my hair (as well as some yucky dirty blonde as a result of my own terrible bleaching jobs).

For this I use the Fudge Violet toning shampoo, which is hands down the best purple shampoo I've ever used. It's a lot more intense than some of the other purple toning products, which works for me as I often have very stubborn yellow tones in my hair. What's even better is that you can buy huge bottles of the stuff, I get mine off of Amazon (link above).
iridescent hair 4
My other miracle product is Bleach Rose Pink shampoo, which as far as I know is the only pink shampoo on the market. This stuff is like gold dust to me (well, pink dust), it gives my hair a pastel tone which washes out super easily, so it's commitment free. I also use the conditioner (although I haven't had quite as much luck with this) on my ends.

Because my hair is already quite a few different tones of blonde, achieving iridescent hair was pretty easy for me. If you want to give the look a go you'll need white blonde hair, using a purple toner. When I'm washing my hair I combine the pink and purple shampoo together and leave on for about 5 minutes - it always works beautifully!
iridescent hair 5

Good luck with achieving holographic locks!


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Beverly Hills

Note: I wrote this post whilst I was in America, I've actually been back in London for a while, but it got lost in the Rags of Love archives, only to be extracted by me 3 months later!

Everybody sing 'Beverly Hillsss, that's where I wanna beee'. If you don't know already (I've not exactly been keeping quiet about it on Instagram) I am currently in America with my pal Emily visiting Lucy, our friend from school who has moved over to the USA. We're currently in LA, and though I think we all feel a little overwhelmed by how busy and sprawling it is (it seems a million miles away from Britain, both literally and figuratively), we're enjoying swanning around drinking S'mores frappucinos from Starbucks and soaking up the LA atmosphere, which I can only really describe as a distinctive mix of sweat, sirens, palm trees and glamour. Even the bins are distinctively more glamorous here. I don't know whether I'll be moving to Los Angeles any time soon, as I can't see myself becoming one of the achingly beautiful, tanned and healthy looking people going on jogs around the boulevards, but I'm still enjoying the experience immensely. It's also giving me an excuse to wear lighter clothes and finally get out of the orange coat that I've been clinging on to since about September last year.
 photo Beverly outfit 1_zpsokaawd9l.jpg

Glasses - Primark
Dress - Charity Shop
Shirt - Style Moi
Sandals - Topshop

Beverly Hills is one of the most luxurious areas of Los Angeles. Huge main roads intertwine with expensive shopping districts, as well as beautiful tree lined residential streets such as this one. You can also see the Hollywood hills behind me, which makes me feel like I should be some glossy haired socialite on a reality show or something - nothing could really be further from the truth.
I'm really conforming to the wealthy and preened Los Angeles style here, this dress was £3 from a charity shop! It's quite a cheerful number and it makes me think of the stripy rock that you get at the good ol' British seaside. I've paired it with my Unif replica top, which I appreciate makes for a bit of a weird effect. I've really gotten into pattern clashing recently as I've had to resort to it when most of my clothes are in the wash and what's left is a weird mixture of neons and clashing patterns. I think it works in this case, maybe?
The holographic sandals are the only sandals I own because I rarely spend any time out of my converse and brogues whilst wondering around rainy London. I've had them for over a year and due to infrequent use they're still going strong! In my hand I am holding a Blood Orange lemonade from the imaginatively titled cafe Lemonade, which does so many types of uh, well, you get the idea.
 photo beverly outfit 2_zpszrbetnbr.jpg

 photo 5fb668da-97d4-48f2-91f8-d2d9d2d71a7d_zpsogrsxxop.jpg

 photo 0f6ef4a0-97ee-4289-9622-da8778ae4cf0_zpsmoi7d49o.jpg


Monday, 17 August 2015

How Are Things On The West Coast?

A little confession to start us off, these pictures weren't exactly taken near the West Coast. In fact, slap bang in the middle of the desert seems like a more appropriate title. But our one trip to the West Coast (Santa Monica beach) was on a dreary and downcast day that made Los Angeles look more like Scarborough, so it didn't quite suit my outfit post ideals, which I had been hoping would involve me running down the beach like something off of Baywatch. But you know, I guess my best friend's poolside in Arizona will just have to do. photo primark daisystreet 1_zpsqvfahux6.jpg
Bikini top - Primark
Kimono - Daisystreet
Shorts - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark
Shoes - Shoe Zone

The funny thing about these pictures is how pale I still am, this was relatively early on in the holiday and both Emily and I arrived looking like your typical English roses (that's the nice way of putting it).
I'm clashing a lot of patterns here, with the tie dye bikini, the pineapple shorts and floral kimono, but you know, I guess in Summer when you're lounging round the pool you can go all out. It's safe to say that Primark was my one destination for Summer clothing, because let's be honest, who among us wants to spend more than £4 on a bikini top?
 photo primark daisystreet 4_zpsrq9zbkid.jpg

 photo primark daisystreet 5_zpskzchevao.jpg

 photo primark daisystreet 2_zpsyhskiwe2.jpg

 photo 0182e1e2-915b-4807-8e4a-76ed996665a8_zpsoqo22ecl.jpg

 photo 8de07c91-74b7-4afb-b996-ff929d3b7b0d_zpstizokrld.jpg

 photo primark daisystreet 8_zpsg4lhlbzf.jpg
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed these photos of my depressingly English bikini bod (i.e mega pale and looking like I've had a few too many Greggs pasties). I have a couple more posts from my trip to America coming up soon!
Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x Find me elsewhere! Instagram

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Columbia Road

Last weekend my great pal Maire and I wandered down to the famous Columbia Road market. It's held on a Sunday, so I typically miss it because of being hungover or just wanting to have a lie in, but this time both of our slightly hungover selves made an effort to get down there. I guess the most appropriate adjective I can think of for the market is 'lovely' - you're surrounded by fashionable East London mums pushing prams, overpriced vintage clothes, Mumford and Sons type bands playing their ukuleles and bass viols in flat caps, and of course, hundreds and hundreds of colourful flowers. If you can just repress the well worn cynicism regarding the gentrification of East London for an hour or so, you can actually have a pretty great time down there. Not that I can talk, having moved here as a wholly naive teenager from the countryside 4 years ago, embarrassingly excited about the prospect of 'moving down to an East London flat' and 'taking pictures on London Fields'. You can actually catch my last post about Columbia Road when I was at university here! photo columbia 4_zpsbgy4ikdu.jpg
Top - Daisy Street
Skirt - The Whitepepper (from last season so sold out as far as I can tell)
Glasses - Melrose Trading Post in LA
Shoes - Shoe Zone

I've been trying to do something a bit different with my hair lately, wearing it in a half up half down beehive. Basically it involves a hair clip and a lot of baby powder in my hair to give it the right texture. It looks pretty messy but I like it!
I'm wearing my Whitepepper Egg print skirt because it seemed like an appropriate garment to wear to Columbia Road, seeing as they are an East London label. I like how the print seems to both compliment and clash with my outfit post prop, the sunflowers!
 photo a8971b41-6e0b-4ecc-a89c-4d33adedc7ab_zpsk1xdermp.jpg

 photo columbia 5_zpservt9xil.jpg
I seem to be wielding the sunflowers like a weapon in all of these photos! I never ever buy flowers unless they're gifts so this was quite an indulgence, although one that gave me quite bad hayfever and confronted me with the depressing fact that I have no idea how to look after flowers, because I have truly lived a sheltered existence.
 photo columbia 6_zpslo404kcn.jpg

 photo d6f47993-42e9-4e19-95a1-72a38c5dea85_zpsh95d2hgr.jpg

 photo dff71b20-1c38-421c-97fd-044ab9deda4c_zpsdh4bipit.jpg

 photo columbia maire 1_zps4xqvoz5o.jpg
Maire looked amazing for our little trip down to the market! Her top is from Zara and I absolutely love it, so much so that she was roped in to have outfit photos too. Seeing as I am something of an expert at posing awkwardly in an array of outfits, I tried to be the best director I could. Maire is one of the only people I know who seems to have never taken a selfie, but evidently she is still a natural in front of the camera!
 photo b45d24d6-1819-40ab-bdb2-51e1f23109a1_zpshbuytotz.jpg
Thanks for reading!


Monday, 6 July 2015

You and I buy star maps and drive my car around Los Angeles

This is the second instalment of outfits from a recent trip to America! We took these pictures whilst waiting to go and have pancakes and the best coffee in the world at a place called Jacks and Joe, which I would really recommend. Generally I have to say that the Americans really know how to do breakfast, we were spoilt for choice with classics like Cracker Barrel and Dennys (in Dennys, the server heard our accents and started singing 'London Bridge is falling down' to us, which was a curious highlight of the trip).   photo target ootd 2_zpsl8acsea5.jpg
Dress and sunglasses - Target
Bag - Out of Print via Foyles

I have to say, I really fell in love with Target. That place has everything, from beauty bits to the kitchen sink. I could have wondered round the one in Beverly Hills for hours (I think we probably did actually), it's sort of like Wilkinsons in the UK I guess, and I've always been one for budget shopping. I picked up this dress which is from an British label called Fashion Union, so I probably could have bought it cheaper in the UK, but it was the perfect dress for wandering around Los Angeles. I love the colour because it showed off the slightly meagre tan I had developed over my two weeks in America. The length was also a plus point for me - I'm tall so I'm fortunate to be able to get away with maxi dresses pretty easily. The coral of the dress and the pale turquoise sunglasses works pretty well I think, although I guess the green Kafka bag is a pretty odd addition, but I was limited with accessories whilst I was out there.
 photo target ootd 4_zpstmyvx2gx.jpg

 photo target ootd 3_zps4s7y9tyy.jpg

 photo 21a72333-c873-4f93-84a4-9e94659a7369_zpspdbb4pqb.jpg
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